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Salomon Undhof | Kremstal

Winemaker - Bert Salomon
Salomon Undhof | Kremstal image

Salomon Undhof is located in the twin town of Krems-Stein in the wine-growing region of Kremstal, one of the oldest wine areas in Austria.

The region was founded in the eighth century when monks who followed Charlemagne's army down the Danube saw the grape growing potential of its south-facing terraces.

In 1780 the Salomon family acquired the Undhof - a farm building once part of a Capuchin monastery - and started producing wines there in 1792. The Salomon's ancestors were boatmen involved in the salt trade with their wine business only a side-line. Today Salomon is one of the most progressive and quality driven wineries in Austria, making Riesling and Grüner Veltliner of stunning purity and elegance.

Salomon Undhof is deservedly regarded as a pioneer of Austrian winemaking being the first to export its wines in 1935. The company now exports over half its production. Salomon Undhof is managed by the charismatic Bertold Salomon, who until 1991 was the president of the Austrian Wine Marketing Board.

The vineyards total 25 hectares, with holdings in the Kögl, Pfaffenberg, Hund, Wachtberg and Wieden sites. These are mostly terraced and south-facing along the Danube River. The soil is mainly Urgestein primary rock. Salomon's style aims for "filigree" fruit, an apt description for white wines of gentle refinement and emphatic elegance.

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